Westville seeks Home Rule status as measure to boost gas tax

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Source: Bigstock

Residents of the small Illinois community of Westville will vote Nov. 8 on whether or not it should adopt Home Rule.

The move would be used as a vehicle to add a 4-cent-per-gallon gas tax for the community which is located south of Danville and near the Indiana border.

Westville joins at least two other state municipalities seeking home rule, Auburn and Yorkville.

Communities with fewer than 25,000 residents have to ask voters for permission to adopt Home Rule. Municipalities with more than 25,000 people are already classified as Home Rule entities under state law.

The designation means elected officials can bypass voters an take greater control of what taxes and regulations are imposed on property owners. Westville has about 3,100 residents.

The gas tax would be used for infrastructure projects. The town has two gas stations, according to a report in a local newspaper.

Implementing a gas tax could be handled through a referendum under state law. That means officials would put the measure to a vote, but residents would cede none of their authority on making taxation and regulatory decisions.

Real Property Alliance has a page with information on why Home Rule can be a bad idea for residents.


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