Property taxes cross $14B in northern Cook suburbs

Some 1,400 taxing agencies in Illinois are planning to collect more than $14 billion from those in the northern suburbs of Cook County.

According to the article:

This means average north suburban homeowners should expect to see increases of about 3 percent on their property tax bills, which will be mailed out shortly with payment due Aug. 1.

Additionally, more of the tax burden has been shifted to industrial and commercial properties. There were 40 percent more residential property exemptions than in 2017, according to the clerk’s office.

Illinois has more layers of government than any other state in the country. With more layers of government comes more layers of taxation.

According to Illinois Policy, the state has 6,963 units of government. Our nearest competitor is Texas with 5,147 units of government. Neighboring Indiana has just 2,709 units of government.

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