In these 5 communities, your vote could protect you from higher taxes

Do you live in Lynwood, Creve Coeur, Ottawa, Warrensburg or Coal City?

If you do, make sure you go to the polls Tuesday and vote against a ballot measure which would take taxation power away from property owners and place it squarely in the hands of elected officials. (Learn more here about Home Rule).

Each of these communities has a Home Rule initiative up for consideration by voters. The measure, if passed, would allow municipal officials to bypass going directly to the voters for any tax increase. Instead, the officials would have the say on approval of a tax increase.

And even if officials are responsible with a municipality’s finances now, who’s to say that in a decade a cash-strapped board made up of those without a similar commitment wouldn’t try and end-run around property owners?

Real Property Alliance has worked in each of the five communities to make sure voters know the real facts behind Home Rule referenda and what they can mean for property taxes.

The foundation has worked in the past on Home Rule initiatives throughout the state, and in most communities where the non-profit has been involved the measures have lost.

To learn more about Home Rule and what it could mean for your tax bills, go here.



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