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Publications and Resources

Do you know how Illinois county assessors determine what you’ll pay in property taxes?

Every six months most Illinois homeowners get property tax bills. But do you really know how county assessors come up with the amount you are taxed?This video walks you through the process and provides tips on what to do if you think your assessment is in error.

Real Property Alliance_Brochure_ImageLearn about the Alliance’s mission — Spread the word with this helpful brochure which explains the Alliance’s mission and what services are offered.

Get the facts on Impact Fees – Learn why many Illinois communities add charges to construction projects and how this affects you.

rvoice_dontgoitalone_thumb2Don’t Go It Alone: Choose a REALTOR® as Your Real Estate Partner – Updated! This flyer explains why, now more than ever, if you’re selling or buying a home in today’s market, you need the special skills, experience and expertise of a REALTOR®.

RPA Image_Property TaxesWhat You Should Know About Property Taxes in Black and White – 
Understand what is involved in the property taxation process, plus an Illinois homeowner’s rights, assessment information, tax cycles and exemptions.

rvoice_carbondetectors_thumbCarbon Monoxide Detectors: Understanding the Law Requiring InstallationUpdated! Explains the law’s main requirements for homeowners, identifies responsibilities for homeowners, identifies responsibilities of landlords and tenants and offers helpful resources.

Getting It Sold – Your Resource for Staging Curb Appeal and Selling Success! – This brochure is an informative resource to help consumers prepare their home for sale with tips on curb appeal, staging, showing, and updating a home for selling success. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression and the same holds true for selling a home.

rvoice_homeownership_cost_thumbHomeownership: Understanding the Cost – Updated! This guide helps clients understand the costs of owning a home beyond the mortgage and taxes and how to budget for them.

rvoice_homeownership_afford_thumbHomeownership: How Much Can I Afford – Updated! This guide helps clients determine whether they can qualify and be approved for a mortgage loan to purchase a home. It describes what you need to know about affordability, mortgages, and closing costs.

rvoice_workingtoprotect_thumbREALTORS® Working to Protect Homeowners – Updated! This flyer explains how REALTORS® work to help protect homeowners and build stronger communities.

rvoice_buyingacondo_thumbBuying a Condominium? Do Your Homework First – Updated! Highlights issues potential buyers should be familiar with before buying a condominium including physical management, assessments, monthly fees and condo association rules.

rvoice_condo_fhamortgage_thumbPurchasing a Condo – FHA-Insured Mortgages – Updated! Highlights issues potential buyers should be familiar with before buying a condominium including physical management, assessments, monthly fees and condo association rules.

rvoice_septicsystems_thumbRequirements for Septic Systems Owners – Updated!  This brochure explains recent changes to the Private Sewage Disposal Code and how these changes affect property owners served by a septic system.  You’ll also find a summary of changes regarding maintenance and record-keeping requirements for septic system owners.

rvoice_special_service_areas_thumbSpecial Service Areas: What You Should Know – Updated! Outlines for new-home buyers the purposes, infrastructure costs, assessment collection methods and more associated with special taxing districts. This publication is useful for consumers interested in buying a new home.

rvoice_zoning_thumbZoning: What You Should Know Updated! This flyer is an informative handout you can give to your clients to inform them about zoning in Illinois. Describes local government regulation that determines how private property is used by the owners. It includes consumer information on zoning districts, demolition, rezoning, use restrictions and more.