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Snip20160824_19Video explains Chicago’s property taxes

Confused by why your Chicago property tax bill is going up? RPA and Chicago REALTORS® have a video which explains the system, and what you can do about your tax bill. Details.

4 questions every
Chicago property owner
should ask when
the tax bill arrives

The tax bills for 2015 are hitting mailboxes. When you get yours, this simple checklist could save you money.

  1. Is my property described and classified correctly?
  2. Did I buy my property within the last 3 years?
  3. Do I have all exemptions that I am qualified to receive?
  4. Is my property assessed uniformly with my neighbors?

Tax bill FAQ

You’ve got questions. We have some answers. Read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are my property taxes soaring?

City of Chicago property owners face a double-whammy of a property tax increase to make up budget shortfalls and a scheduled re-assessment. And while you can’t do anything about the tax bill you may have received for 2015, you can take steps to potentially lower future bills. Learn all about it here.

Quick links

Need forms to file a Property tax appeal? Need to look up your property records at the Cook County Assessor’s Office?

Property ID Number Lookup

Every property in Cook County has a Property Identification Number, more commonly called a “PIN” number. Look up your property by PIN here.

Unsure how to do that? Go here.

Exemption information

Do you need to file for a property tax exemption? If you qualify, this could save you money. Go here to see what exemptions are currently filed for your property.

See the list of exemptions to see if there’s any of them you qualify for?

File an appeal

Think your property has been assessed for too much? Here are resources to guide you through the process of determining next steps.

Filing deadlines

Don’t miss your chance to file for an appeals. Different townships have different deadlines.

Terms to know

What’s the difference between assessed value and assessment level? Here’s a list of common terms you’ll encounter in the appeals/exemption process.

Did you know?
Perimeters a tax factor

The Assessor measures the exterior perimeter of a home to come up with the square footage used to calculate a tax bill. That’s why the square footage used for the bills may differ from the square footage of living space which you might be more familiar with.

Know the math used
to calculate tax bills

Property taxes are calculated by taking the assessed value of your property and multiplying it by the State Equalization factor, subtracting any exemptions, then multiplying it by your individual tax rate. Here’s a quick tutorial on how this works.

Do you qualify for exemptions?

If you are a senior citizen, have served in the military or lived for a longer period of time in your home, you could qualify for tax savings. See the full list of exemptions.

Step by Step Guide

Real Property Alliance has a downloadable flow chart that will guide you through the process step by step.

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What’s the market doing where I live?

Through a partnership with Illinois REALTORS®, Real Property Alliance tracks tracks the health of the housing market for the state, the city of Chicago and the nine-county Chicago PMSA.

Resources for private property owners

RPA has free, downloadable brochures on everything from making sure your house presents well to potential buyers to how impact fees can affect development.

Home rule and why it’s a bad deal

Ever hear of home rule? Most people haven’t, but it’s a governing mechanism which allows some communities to wrest better say over taxation and implementation of fees.