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Bill would allow voters to opt to get rid of some township governments

Illinois House members have taken a step toward allowing the dissolution of township units of government which share borders with a municipality.

It’s a step toward reining in the many, many layers of government Illinois property owners must support through property┬átaxes.

The measure passed Wednesday (HB 496) 111-2, and was sponsored by Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon.

The state has more units of government than any other in the nation, a fact that has caused many to point to Illinois as a prime example of waste through duplicative layers of governance. Of the nearly 6,000 units of government in the state, nearly 1,400 are townships.

The 19 communities would have the option to ask voters if they wanted to do away with the townships.

The bill is on the Senate calendar now, and has been referred to the Assignments Committee.


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